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PLRM Guidelines

Campus Guidelines


PLRM campus guidelines are not to tell people how to live, but rather how we plan to meet a high standard of making PLRM a safe, spiritual environment for all.  Therefore the following guidelines have been established.

Mood Altering Chemicals- PLRM is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco, free campus.  This includes being under the influence of, as well as in possession of, these substances.  All prescription drugs brought on campus must be checked in.                                        

Social-Every male and female of any age will be in the company of others and not one on one unless they are married or related.  All children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. 

Dress Code:  Words or symbols must be encouraging and appropriate. Pants-must come up near navel, be in good repair (no holes, strings, etc.) a length that clears the ground, and loose fit.  Shorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee.  Men must wear a shirt. Women must wear Modest Tops-All neck lines within 3 inches from neck, loose fit, no spaghetti straps, when arms are up midriff is covered,

Make Up-none, or subtle, natural looking

Jewelry- subtle, no piercings visible accept earrings.  No loose or dangling jewelry when riding horses

Electronics-PLRM has a phone in the barn, plus a cell phone for outings.  PLRM is an electronics free campus for everyone under the age of 18.  No person of any age may ride a horse with a cell phone on their person, or work with horses or youth while on the phone.

Music and Literature- Christian only

Movies-G, PG family oriented others need permission from PLRM director. 

Language- Words that are edifying and encouraging, absent of vulgar or profane gestures and the Lord's name used in vain.

Grounds- Please stay out of paddocks and pastures, and do not feed or touch horses without permission.  No standing on fences or gates, or climbing on hay.  All youth need to be supervised by an adult.

Thank you very much for helping us make PLRM a safe, spiritual place for all.


Fitness Guidelines


Because we place a high value on safety, we require inexperienced or irregular riders to be strong and flexible enough to mount the horse unassisted from the ground or small mounting block.  This requires lifting your left foot at least 30" off the ground to get it in the stirrup and pulling yourself up into the saddle with reasonable effort.  If this is not achievable they will need a side walker and the horse cannot exceed the speed of a walk.
We have found that inexperienced/irregular riders whose weight is not in proportion to their height often have less stable balance and therefore, are more likely to fall off.  Riders without an accompanying overall strength to match their weight are not able to regain their balance if they tip forward or sideways.
For the comfort and safety of both horse and rider, weight limitations are in effect for beginner, inexperienced, or irregular riders.  For the safety of a rider that exceeds these guidelines we require a side walker and that they not exceed the speed of a walk. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Accurate height and weight information is required on booking for each rider in the group. Please refer to the maximum weight chart below.
4'    100 lbs      5' 145 lbs
4'5" 125 lbs    5'1" 150 lbs
                           5'2" 155 lbs
                           5'3" 160 lbs
                           5'10" 195 lbs
                           5'11" 205 lbs
                           6'0" 215 lbs

Management reserves the right to request verification of the information given. Exceptions may be made at our discretion.  We reserve the right to refuse or terminate horseback riding based on weight to height ratio, fitness level and other safety factors as we see fit. We may require a half hour evaluation lesson for placement purposes.  Safety is VERY important.